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Pink Sugar
Smooth Barrier Renewal Serum
  • Smooth Barrier Renewal Serum


    Ceramides are complex lipids that help to support the barrier function of the skin. In this formulation we use plant-derived essential lipids with Squalane to improve all dry skin conditions. Lipids are vital in the skin to support the cellular membranes and to hold onto the water content in the skin. 


    Healthy skin depends on a delicate balance of lipid and water content. Smooth Barrier Renewal Serum is beneficial for all skin types to maintain that balance. It is excellent to use post-procedure and during the drier winter months for face and body. It can help improve sensitive skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema and psoriasis.

    • Key Ingredients

      Lecithin- Required by every cell in the body, lecithin helps handle the flow of nutrients in and out of the cellular membranes

      Lipids- Contain essential fatty acids vital to skin health

      Dimethicone- Silicones are used to protect the skin against moisture loss and improve product spreadability to be a soothing protectant, leaving the skin soft and comfortable

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