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Hair Rejuvenation

Have you noticed thinning and recent hair loss?  As we age our hair begins to miniaturize and starts to fall out and thin.  Start treatment in the office or at home when you notice thinning to retain as much hair as possible.  Balding does not have to be inevitable. 

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5 months between 3 treatments with PRP


 at home product 


30 minutes - $400 - $2160

PRP/PRF might be the answer for you! PRP/PRF is like fertilizer for your hair. You will need a series of 6 treatments. Each treatment is separated by 4-6 weeks to allow the hair to grow. Treatments will be done in months 1,2,3,6,9,12. Optimum results can be achieved over a 12-month time frame. This treatment requires us to draw your blood; stay hydrated 24 hours before your appointment

Over-Night Brow

At-home - $70

Re-awaken the fullness of your eyebrows with Overnight Brows Growth Serum. This unique serum has been designed to stimulate dead and over-plucked hair follicles. Your journey towards thicker, tamer, more beautiful brows start here.

Hair Extensions

Install Only 

By appointment only, for consultation call 818-954-0510

At-home Micro-channeling system for the scalp

At-home - $180

AnteAGE® Hair Serum can be used with or without the included microneedle stamp, although stamping significantly improves skin penetration. If the stamp is used, needle length is 0.25 mm and does not require anesthetic. Start with a clean, towel dried scalp and apply 1-2 drops of Serum. Use the stamping device provided to make multiple passes over the treatment area in a gentle up and down motion. You may also use the included Thickening Brush to massage the Serum into the scalp. 

You can use the Hair Serum 5 days a week to enhance the outcomes of professional, in-office treatments. You may also use the Home Hair Kit on its own to jump start your hair regrowth journey. 

Overnight Lash Serum

At home - $99

Re-awaken the fullness of your lashes with Overnight Lash Growth Serum. This unique serum contains twelve hair growth factors and is free of parabens, prostaglandin, and fragrances. Your journey towards thicker, more beautiful lashes starts here.

Perfect for everyone experiencing hair loss

Buy a series for best results

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