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Updated: Nov 4, 2023

The future of beauty is minimally-invasive treatments like Vivace. Vivace is the hot-trend treatment experience that combines micro-needling and radiofrequency

energy for dazzling results. It's officially the " big beauty buzz"; this year because it really works! Speaking of buzz, Springtime is the perfect season for creating a

rejuvenated, youthful-looking complexion.

At Skin + Body by Smooth Med we care a lot about revitalizing and repairing your

skin. We love using customized therapies like

because it's one of the best cost-effective skin-tightening fractional therapies that

stimulate collagen production and provides dramatic results with minimal

downtime. Vivace is a safe, highly effective, and non-surgical alternative with quick

recovery time and high-quality results all in one. Vivace RF (radio frequency) micro-

needling uses the newest, most advanced form of technology cleared by the FDA to

reverse the signs of aging and improve your skin health.

At SKIN + BODY by Smooth Med, we know that people have ideas about things, but

often they don't know the facts! While you may have seen more expensive machines

like Morpheus making your newsfeed, Vivace is the machine of choice by leading

skincare experts. Read more for the FAQ's!

Top Three Things You Should Know About VIVACE

#1 What Is Vivace?

The machine that creates a symphony for your skin is aptly named because, in

musical terms, "Vivace"; means playing in a lively and brisk manner. Like Morpheus,

Vivace is an energetic microneedling radiofrequency machine. During therapy, the

RF energy released by the device penetrates the skin layers to selectively heat the

skin, stimulating the remodeling of tissue and increasing collagen and elastin

production. The Micro-needling technology uses a matrix of small needles to create subdermal channels and penetrate layers of the skin. Vivace has a powerful 70-watt adjustable RF distributor and 36 gold-tip insulated needles that go as deep as 3.5 millimeters, which provides optimal results for Smooth Med clients on the face, neck, and

décolleté areas.

#2 What Should I Know About The Vivace Procedure?

Before the procedure, we cleanse and prep your skin, and your targeted areas will be

numbed topically with specialized medical-grade numbing cream to ensure

comfort and ease. After approximately 45 minutes of numbing, like little fairy

godmothers, we use the help of a magic wand and start the treatment, which can

take 30 to 45 minutes. After the Vivace procedure, you may see slight redness on

your face for several days. As you recover, the micro-injury sites begin to heal as

collagen remodels, scars begin to fade, the texture improves, and your inner radiance

begins to shine.

#3 What Can Vivace Do For Me?

Vivace RF Microneedling is recommended for residents in the greater Los Angeles

area who want to improve loose aging skin, wrinkles, poor skin texture, large pores,

acne, and scars. Vivace offers fewer risks than plastic surgery and is much more

cost-effective. Vivace can help eliminate visible imperfections and trigger your

body's natural repair response. With Vivace, we are seeing the most amazing

results, such as:

 Improvement of fine lines and wrinkles

 Tightening and toning the face, neck and décolleté

 Treating acne

 Smoother, firmer skin tone and texture

 Reduced hyperpigmentation, pore size, and visibility of scarring

Why choose Skin + Body By Smooth Med For Vivace

At SKIN + BODY by Smooth Med, we offer a large selection of the most up-to-date

skin rejuvenation and skin-tightening treatments are available. Our leading skincare

experts love to help patients make the right choice based on their aesthetic goals

and aim to maximize beauty results… when we want the best results, Vivace


Spring is the perfect time to look lively and spring forward with our Vivace

treatment experience. For a personalized aesthetic consultation, contact SKIN +

BODY today and find out how we can help with our premier skin rejuvenation and

skin tightening treatments.

Come in and see why Vivace is a med spa patient and provider favorite!

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