Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatments


What is PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma?


Platelets are key factors in hard and soft tissue repair mechanisms. They provide essential growth factors that are involved in stem cell migration, differentiation, and proliferation. Additionally, platelets also stimulate fibroblasts and endothelial cells to induce new extracellular matrix deposition and neo-vascularisation respectively.

Plasma contains many factors essential for cell survival including nutrients, vitamins, hormones, electrolytes, growth factors, and proteins. 

  • What to Expect: PRP Micro-needling

    How much downtime should I expect?

    No more than 24-48 hrs. There is a possibility you may leave the treatment with pink or reddish skin. On the day of your treatment, be prepared to go directly home after, no working out or sweating, stay away from gatherings, or highly bacterial environments.

    When will I see a difference?

    As an added bonus we will do PRF injections to volumize hollow or crepey areas such as under eyes, temples, marionette lines, etc. With this, you will see an immediate difference.  You should begin to see the effects of the micro-needling in about 30 days from your treatment.

    Will the PRP treatment hurt?

    Prior to your treatment, we will apply a topical numbing agent. Most people say they feel almost nothing when numbing cream is used during the micro-needling process although you may feel some minor discomfort during the PRF injections. These injections feel no worse than a typical neurotoxin injection. 

    How many treatments should I do?

    A consultation will be performed for each client new to this treatment to determine a treatment plan. To get an idea though, we recommend 3 treatments each a month apart for clients looking for correction and/or at least 1-2 times per year for maintenance.


  • What to Expect: PRP Hair Therapy

    What is PRP Hair Therapy?

    Just like with PRP Micro-needling, we use your plasma which is taken by blood draw and spun down within your appointment. We reinject the PRP into thinning areas of hair on your scalp. 

    How much downtime should I expect?

    Physically you should have no downtime. Though you may feel "fullness" or "pressure" at each injection site. Some clients have reported a mild headache after treatment, the use of a mild pain suppressant or OTC headache medicine is fine.

  • What to Expect: PFR Injections Only

  • Office Policy

    *Performance of any in-office treatment or procedure is at the sole discretion of our medical staff. If you are not an appropriate candidate for a procedure you have purchased, the purchased amount may be applied towards another procedure or product that is available on our store.


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