HD-PDO Threads

HD-PDO Threads


The Assufil by Promoitalia tensor thread lift are considered as the new gold standard for tensor AOP thread. Promoitalia's Assufil threads are approved by the FDA (With Caprolactone and Lactic acid


 However the ASsufil tensor aesthetic thread lift is produced according to a much higher manufacturing process than some others on the market.


Price/Area Breakdown:

-Small $600 one of the following: Vermilion border, Glabellar, Tear troughs, Smoker lines, Crow's feet, Eyebrows, Nose

-Medium $900 one of the following: Lips 360, Eyes 360

-Large $1200 one of the following: Hair restore, Mid-face, Neck, Declotte

-X-Large $2400 one of the following: Full face, Stretch marks. We do recommend a consultation before purchasing a X-Large area. 

Size of Area
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  • Office Policy

    Performance of any in-office treatment or procedure is at the sole discretion of our medical staff. If you are not an appropriate candidate for a procedure you have purchased, the purchased amount may be applied towards another procedure or product that is available on our store.


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