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What's the difference? Website Member or Self Love Account Member

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

The term member has been used at Smooth Med since we created our first membership in 2010. Today, 10 years later we have a few different options for you that may be termed "membership".

1st is the free member site on the website. This is for customers of Smooth Med to create a community, keep up with what's new, purchase products on the app and more.

2nd is the Self Love Accounts

Self Love VIP is a savings account ($99/month) for all things Smooth Med. This can be purchased on this website or in the office. VIP members receive 10% off products and service all the time.

Self Love Platinum VIP is also a savings account ($199/month) but with this membership you will receive 15% off all things Smooth Med.

So as you can see they are different, and you do not have to belong to both in order to belong to one.

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