Female Incontinence Treatment

This Breakthrough Treatment for Incontinence Allows You to Sit & Relax!


Skin + Body by Smooth Med has great news for those of you who suffer from urinary incontinence. You can now say “NO” to incontinence with the high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology of the BTL EMSELLA™ treatment procedure:

  • Sit in the Procedural Chair

  • Stay Fully Dressed

  • Relax while Effortlessly Strengthening Your Pelvic Muscles

  • Safely Receive Over 11,000 Kegel Contractions per 30-minute Session

  • No Surgery & No Downtime – Painless


Get to Know BTL EMSELLA | Regain Confidence


BTL EMSELLA™ is a new treatment procedure for incontinence that utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology, aka “HIFEM Technology”, to stimulate, strengthen, and restore neuromuscular control to deep pelvic floor muscles. This revolutionary non-surgical procedure takes on all the work and time out of strengthening pelvic floor muscles on your own, and with no downtime.

Key effectiveness comes from the concentrated electromagnetic energy, stimulation, and in-depth penetration therapy to the muscles of the entire pelvic floor region.

Regular Kegel exercises can bring about modest results over time. However, in a single BTL EMSELLA treatment session, you receive tens of thousands of Kegel contractions. These contractions play a crucial role in the muscle re-education of incontinent patients.


See If You’re a Candidate


Did you know that over 25 million Americans suffer from incontinence and bladder leakage? Most of this population consists of women who very likely have weak pelvic floor muscles and Kegels no longer provide an effective solution.

To learn if you’re a candidate for BTL EMSELLA, take this brief 5-question quiz and discover next steps.

  1. Have you given birth to one or more children?

  2. Does laughing or sneezing cause leakage?

  3. Or, do you have sudden and frequent urges to urinate?

  4. Has bladder leaking limited sexual activity or exercise in any way?

  5. Have you reached menopause?

If you answered YES to one or more of these risk factors, you may be a good candidate for the BTL EMSELLA treatment procedure. 


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4 Reasons Why Patients are Saying ‘YES’ to BTL EMSELLA

  1. emsella pelvic floor: – It Treats the Muscles of the Entire Pelvic Floor

  2. emsella contractions focus: – It Effectively Delivers 11,000+ Supramaximal (Kegals)Contractions/Session

  3. female clothed: – Patients Remain Fully Clothed During the Procedure

  4. emsella safe focus: –It’s a Safe, Non-Surgical Procedure with No Downtime


Experience BTL EMSELLA for Yourself


You will undergo 6 sessions, over a 3-week period.

The treatment session requires you to simply sit on the chair, relaxed and fully clothed. As you sit, the procedure begins, and you’ll start to experience tingling and contractions in the pelvic floor muscles. Up to 11,200 Kegel contractions per session!

Immediately after the procedure, you can resume your normal daily activities. Similar to most patients, you may notice improvement after the first session or multiple sessions. Once your results are noticeable, improvements will continue to progress after each session. Realistically, optimal results and functional relief will be achieved weeks after you’ve completed your full treatment protocol.


How You Get Results


Childbirth, Natural Aging, and Menopause Can All Lead to Incontinence
BTL EMSELLA Provides Results You Can Feel!

Results You Can See!

A frontal view of the pelvic floor muscles and bladder using ultrasound imaging.