Specializing in Chronic Pain Management

My priority with every client is to support their journey to live a healthier life.  Together we will reach individual goals through education, follow up with each session, and create a new understanding of how to manage pain and stress


Neuromuscular Therapy

Benefits of Neuromuscular Massage Therapy


  • Restore Muscle Strength

  • Increase Flexibility & Range of Motion

  • Pain Relief


Restore Muscle Strength

Over time, reduced use of a muscle leads to muscle weakness.  Trigger points prevent muscles from contracting correctly, making them seem weak.  By releasing trigger points, we can increase the ability of our muscles resulting in overall strength and balance. 


Increase Flexibility & Range of Motion

Trigger points are muscle fibers locked in a constricted position which limit the range of motion and flexibility of your muscles and joints.  When these particular cells are in spasm, there is limited blood flow through the area, leading to a build-up of metabolic waste and a lack of fresh oxygen and nutrients.  During the neuromuscular massage, the goal is to increase blood flow, release the trigger point and extend the muscle.  Working origins and insertion points are where the magic happens.  This work is performed specifically where the muscle and tendon connect, and when applied can help restore normal joint function. 

  • Promoting the exchange of cells and fluids in and out of the joint to promote joint repair

  • Stimulating synovial joint lubrication by stimulating synovial membrane and rehydration of articular cartilage

  • Normalize neurological function by activating joint receptors, resulting in relaxation of the muscles around in a joint


Pain Relief

A trigger point in a muscle can cause pain and strain throughout the muscle, and because muscle constriction can pressure a nerve bundle, pain can be felt distant from the original location of the spasm, also   This is called a “referral pain”.  In neuromuscular therapy, the trigger points associated with the client's described muscle pain or numbness, are targeted by applying concentrated pressure on that point to alleviate the tension.

Prenatal - Postpartum

Benefits of Prenatal Massage Therapy


• Reduced back, leg, and overall body aches and pains
• Alleviate cramping
• Reduce anxiety and stress
• Reduce swelling
• Immunity Enhancement
• Decrease in stress hormones norepinephrine and cortisol
• An increase in "feel-good" chemicals serotonin and dopamine
• Better quality sleep
• Improved circulation, mobility, and breathing

Although similar to general massage, prenatal massage is specifically tailored to the changing physiological needs of an expectant mother’s body. There are several common modalities that a licensed, insured and highly trained prenatal/postpartum massage therapist can use while performing a full body prenatal massage, including Deep Tissue, Swedish, Neuromuscular Therapy Trigger Point Therapy (this is not recommended during specific stages of pregnancy).

It is essential to remember that increased blood volume and decreased blood flow to the lower body can put a mommy to be at an increased risk for blood clots. Therefore: although deep tissue, several other common massage modalities can be employed on some portions of the upper body, like shoulders neck—abdominal and lower body prenatal massage should only use very light pressure, and all strokes should move toward the direction of the heart. This minimizes the risk of dislodging a blood clot, and of causing a potential medical emergency.

Certifications and Pricing 



  • Licensed in Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

  • Certified in Prenatal & Postpartum Therapy

  • CA State Board Certified

  • AMTA Private Insurance

  • Licensed LA County Business

  • Neuromuscular sessions can be a combination of Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Cranial Sacral, pressure release, Myofascial release, and assisted stretches

  • Neuromuscular sessions are assessed in advance through a brief intake session 10-15 min before the first session, with follow-up on progress before each appointment. These treatments target areas on the body that you are experiencing the most pain or chronic pain.  Sessions are customized to those areas.  Before each session, the client’s feedback will determine that session's structure, based on the progress body makes in between sessions.









  • 60 MIN PRENATAL / Postpartum - 150.00

  • 90 MIN PRENATAL / Postpartum - 180.00

  • 120 MIN – 220.00


  • 60 MIN COMBO – 130.00

  • 90 MIN COMBO – 160.00

    • The session can include (but not limited to) foot & hand reflexology, cranial sacral, deep neck therapy & other targeted areas


  • 30 MIN HEAD & NECK – 65.00

  • 30 MIN FOOT & HANDS – 65.00



30.00 travel fee if the location is over 10 miles from 91601 zip, waived for package clients only




  • 60 MIN PRENATAL – 200.00

  • 90 MIN PRENATAL - 250.00



  • 5 SESSIONS - 10 % discount on total

  • 10 SESSIONS - 15 % discount on total

Important information regarding packages:

No refunds on package purchases * All packages expire after 6 months


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When I met Amanda, I was pregnant with twins entering my second trimester. Honestly, she got me through a very tough pregnancy. Her therapeutic and thoughtful approach in everything she does helped me successfully overcome severe nausea, full-body aches, and constant swelling of the feet and ankles. It was like magic! My pain was gone after my first session with Amanda. After my delivery, Amanda effectively assisted with a speedy postpartum recovery, and since then, she has greatly improved my posture and spinal issues, which has substantially alleviated my chronic migraines. She’s one in a zillion!



I have gone to a lot of massage therapists over the years, and Amanda is definitely the BEST! I partake in a lot of exercises, sports, and various physical activities, which puts a lot of strain on my body. My sessions with Amanda have been instrumental in keeping me active and injury-free. Specifically, 

Amanda successfully treated my lingering back and hip discomfort from a snowboarding accident 10+ years ago. For years, I have been living in pain until I met Amanda. Thank YOU!


~ Breanna & Ted Gooch

From Chrysta: 

"Amanda is professional, knowledgeable, and a true healer. Her approach is intuitive, and no session is ever the same. She is dedicated to listening to your needs and following the guidance of your body. I love how I feel after a session with her!" 


From Justin:

"I was so happy that Amanda works on the spouses of her mom-clients because she is truly a special massage therapist. I'm super selective about massage, and I've too often had therapists that were not at nearly Amanda's level. She really listens to your body, and I've also never been too into feet work until her. Highly recommended."


~ “Chrysta & Justin Horwedel”

“Amanda has been with my husband and I throughout our lengthy IVF journey and then through my pre & post-pregnancy care, offering tailored massages for each stage. She is so knowledgeable and fantastic at what she does — not to mention the kindest and most thoughtful soul. Checking in on us and monitoring our progress throughout the pandemic, even we couldn’t work together. Her care always goes above and beyond. My husband was also treated by her and we both agree her massages are essential to our wellbeing. We really couldn’t have done it without her. Anyone that gets treated by her is extremely fortunate.”


~ Alex & Beau Black